Triomnia offers a unique capital protected investment product specially designed for our retail clients.

Using Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance (CPPI) our clients can profit from the above average returns generated by our automated trading strategies, while limiting the downside risk.

Unlike banks and other financial firms our product is designed with transparency and strong governance of capital giving our clients complete comfort and security of capital. The CPPI model is executed within our clients own brokerage account and monitored in real time. No hidden fees and complete transparency of trades.



The CPPI model provides strong capital protection by initially allocating 70-90% of your invested capital in AAA rated instruments such as government bonds or similar fixed income asset classes (“Risk-Free Assets”). The remaining 10-30% of the capital is managed by our machine learning algorithm which dynamically allocates capital to our various basket of automated strategies to provide the highest return for our clients (“Risky Assets”.)

As the Risky Assets generates positive returns, a portion of the capital is transferred from the Risk-Free Assets to the Risky Assets based on a fixed multiplier. On the other hand if the Risky Assets generates a negative return, a portion of the capital is transferred from the Risky Assets to the Risk-Free Assets based on the same multiplier. The rebalancing of capital between Risk-Free and the Risky Asset classes is done daily within our clients accounts. This model ensures that in the event that the Risky Assets are to ever generate a major loss for any reason whatsoever such as a black swan event, our clients capital is protected by the Risk-Free Assets that are held in their own account.


We have developed a proprietary machine learning algorithms which will further divide and allocate capital within the Risky Asset portfolio of the CPPI model to our basket of strategies based on their individual performance. Each of our adaptive A.I trading strategies are thoroughly back-tested and forward tested to ensure accurate and strong performance for our clients. Our automated trading strategies are developed with certain limitations and exposure, allowing no more than a 25% drawdown.

Despite the inherent capital protection that is already built into our trading strategies by limiting leverage and exposure, the CPPI model provides a second layer of protection for our clients. In simple terms, our trading strategies are built to ensure no more than a 25% loss but in the highly unlikely event that our trading strategies were to catastrophically fail and loose all the money in the Risky Asset portfolio, the CPPI model ensures that the Risk-Free Assets are maintained at the appropriate level so that our clients receive their initial capital back upon maturity.

Institutional Managed Accounts
We offer tailor-made managed accounts for institutional and accredited investors who have specific requirements in terms of risk and exposure. We can optimize our strategies to fit your needs. The minimum account size required is $1,000,000 USD. For more information please contact us at