As a boutique quant firm we believe in quality over quantity. Our team of top minds range in qualifications from PHD and Masters in Engineering to Neuroscience and Physics.


Shamik Raja has gained global financial insight through involvement with multinational corporations and investment firms in Canada, India and the United Arab Emirates.

Raja founded and served as the CEO for Trilogy Capital Group of Dubai and has considerable experience in complex international investments, financial planning and project management with an emphasis on commodity trading and distressed assets.

Between 2001 and 2006, Raja earned a degree in electrical engineering from the University of British Columbia in Canada. While working with high-net-worth individuals across the globe, he leveraged technology to create an automated commodity-buying system that used algorithmic calculations to navigate complex international commodity and currency markets.

Raja successfully completed due diligence and financial research that allowed his firm to fund major projects, to develop secure logistics systems and to craft lucrative exit strategies for companies that acquire physical commodities.

Successful relationships with major lenders and international banking partners have added to Raja’s success in the global marketplace. Raja is a well-versed financial and business expert with a solid background in bullion, currency trading, fundraising and physical commodities.


Sina Tootoonian started as an electrical engineer with a degree from University of British Columbia. Sina later pivoted his focus into computational neuroscience studying sensory systems in the brain using techniques from applied mathematics, statistics and machine learning to analyze neural data and develop theories for how brains organize the flood of noisy sensory inputs into rich representations of the external world.

Earlier, Sina was a research associate for both UCL and Cambridge University and was involved in developing probabilistic models of the olfactory system to understand its structure and function from first principles. Sina gained experience in analyzing simple models of artificial neural networks to better understand their performance in an analytically tractable setting.

At the university of cambridge Sina applied concepts from convex optimization to develop a new theoretical model of the locust olfactory system as performing Bayesian inference of odors from noisy receptor inputs. He also analyzed data from the fly olfactory system to develop improved methods of classifying neurons from their odor responses.

With a PHD in neuroscience and vast experience, Sina is a major asset to our team.


Dr. Nahid Jetha is a Quantitative Research Consultant to hedge funds and quant trading firms. Formerly a Professor of Physics at the University of British Columbia, Nahid went on to build fully automated AI-based quant trading systems. His diverse knowledge-base spanning quantitative finance, data science, physics, mathematics, biology, and engineering allows Nahid to build advanced algorithms and quant trading systems for automated trading. Nahid has over 15 years of experience in research and technology development in a diversity of fields ranging from investment management to molecular biophysics. Nahid holds a PhD in Physics and a BASc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia.

As a Consultant to Triomnia, Nahid brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in quantitative and algorithmic trading making his skills extremely valuable to the team.