Trading Strategy
Automated Trading Strategies For Managed Account
The Pawn is a Long/Short strategy that is in the market 99.8% of the time. Positions are spread over 28 currency pairs including the majors.
We assume that our customers have brokerage accounts who offer at least 25:1 leverage on average across all currency pairs.
This strategy is 100% automated and based on a combination of technical analysis and interest rates with a maximum drawdown of 17.5%.
Average uncompounded ROI of 18.9% per annum and 66.5% ROI per annum compounded annually over the last 12 years.
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Triomnia trading strategies are fully automated and built specifically for our managed accounts but can also be useful as a trading tool. Our basket of non-correlated trading strategies are embedded with strong money management, exposure and risk protocols designed for institutional clients with scalability being a key component. Our unique proprietary machine learning algorithm dynamically allocates capital to the best performing strategies to maximize returns for our clients with the least risk.