“The PAWN is a advanced proprietary trading tool designed specifically for forex traders. The tool is designed for short-term and medium-term traders looking for a unique edge. The PAWN is adaptive indicator which can be used to facilitate the origination of trades as well as to provide confirmation of existing trades in order to increase your probability of success and trading performance.


In order for any trading tool or indicator to be effective and accurate the indicator should not only produce positive gains by simply following the indicator oscillating from long to short position but the run-up and run-down during the interim of a signal is equally important in order to successfully capture trades


THE PAWN believes that everything in the world moves in cycles. Traditional indicators which are not adaptive inherently have significant lag resulting in late signals or whipsaw trading. The PAWN accurately predicts not only the directional bias of the currency pair in question but also provides indication on where the market is within the dominant cycle giving traders a significant leading indicator.

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