Core Principals
Even though our trading strategies evolve and adapt, our core principals always remain the same. We are idealistic but at the same time practical. As a company we believe being realistic is the most common path to mediocracy but at the same time when it comes to trading and the capital markets being realistic leads to sustainability.
Triomnia is a proprietary quant firm focused on developing advanced trading systems using a combination of principals in the areas of digital signal processing, artificial intelligence, advance mathematics and data science.

Our unique methodology integrates the study of cycles, quantitative models and technical forecasting. By combining the field of digital signal analysis and technical analysis combined with the latest in artificial intelligence and neural networks we have developed strategies that can accurately predict market moves over a short to medium-term time frame.

As a boutique quant firm we believe in quality over quantity. Our team of top minds range in qualifications from PHD and Masters in Engineering to Neuroscience and Physics.